Besoin d'aide ?

On my previous skis, the angle of fall was 1 °. Which angles should I choose?

The base edge bevel angle comes from the production or service machines in the store. It should be known that 0.5 ° is a very small angle not obvious to reach and that commonly the fall is towards 1 °. For tuning by hand (which is the most accurate) the angle is given by our file guides, which exist in three version 0.5 °, 1 ° and 1.5 °.

With 0.5 ° you have a slightly more responsive ski than with 1 °. Whether your new ski or the previous one you can sharpen with the side angle at 3 °. When you maintain the underside of the edge (which allows good maneuverability and good driving accuracy) and that the edge is rounded or scratched the file-guide 1 ° will more easily remove the abrasions and get a sharp edge. It is better to have a clean edge and sharp at 1 ° than 0.5 ° with more abrasions and a edge that remains a little rounded below.

In summary :

Below: 0.5 ° as long as you work easily to the side of the edge and 1 ° if it becomes difficult to reach the side.

Side of the edge: 1 ° to 3 ° (3 ° is perfect for a slalom ski).

It is interesting to know that for a medium-sized adult a low angulation of the knee of 5mm angles the ski by about 0.5 degree.