Besoin d'aide ?

Why do we need to wax ski and snowboard?

With waxing, the ski-base is impregnated with paraffin wax like a piece of furniture or leather. Not only does the wax protect it from oxidation but it acts as a lubricant on the snow. The oxidation is recognized by a bleaching of the base which loses its satin aspect (drying) which considerably increases the friction on the snow crystals.

By reducing the friction on the snow, the wax increases the glide and greatly improves the handling and the driving precision of the skis. Without this, the pleasure of skiing and snowboarding is less. Regular waxing help ski-base to remain lubricate and become especially slippery.

In the spring it is strongly recommended to wax your ski-bases without scraping the wax, this layer protects against oxidation, drying and soiling